17 Sep 2008 Question

Q82: Indulging in?

Question 82:
“Amongst these activities, which one do you indulge in the most: sleeping, eating, gossiping or mentally finding fault in others?”
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  1. Lil Bit of Everything… 😉

  2. Sleeping, eating, sometimes gossiping and finding fault in others! A long way to go yet, in order to be a good child of Amma. Amma, give me the strength to laugh at my own weaknesses, rather than trying to correct others!

  3. Mostly indulged in sleep, 25 to 30 % of the day!!!!!!!

  4. AMMAs grace has flown within me she has helped me out of these vasanas, she has taught me to control myself. Whenever my mind wanders, on the spot, I tell myself that all these things will take you away from your beloved AMMA and lo on the moment my mind stops wandering. I like to sleep because I sleep under her lotus feet under her care and whenever my eyes open they remember her.

  5. I think, that mentally finding fault with others, is the strongest. So subtle though, that often it takes the cover of believing that I am totally right about it! 😉 A bit of gossiping too, sometimes a bit of eating enjoyment… Sleeping, only when I’m more tired than usual…

  6. The thing is, gossiping is just verbalizing one’s mentally finding fault with others. So I would have to say for me it is tied between gossiping and mentally finding fault… whenever I mentally find fault, I am sure to share it with someone as soon as possible! Thanks for the thoughtful question… it is like mindfulness bell to help us remember to introspect.

  7. Eating is being controlled because of this diet factor, sleep is also under control with so many other interesting things to do in this fast world,gossiping is also in control because of people are busy otherwise spiritually one step ahead, so not much people giving their ear for gossip. After all these, I am stuck with this mentally finding fault of others, that is out of my control, it’s coming to my mind like a continuous one though I don’t want to entertain it, I think I need Amma’s grace to overcome that………….

  8. My weakness is eating. I could live eating only chocolate… But luckily when I’m with Amma I don’t feel like eating at all. The only problem is that I don’t see Amma very often, so I have to struggle with myself quite a lot.

  9. Sometimes, if I’m really bored, I have an urge to eat just to have something to do! But, with Amma’s grace I can usually overcome it. And by seeing God in others, how can you find fault in them? The only way I keep myself from oversleeping is wanting to attain God, so I have to do spiritual practices in the morning!! I just don’t give myself another option!

  10. I would say sleeping since my body somehow rests for 8hrs everyday no matter what. Unless of course there is an occasion for which I have to get up early.

  11. Not to indulge is the purpose, in order to get AMMA’s blessings, even though sometimes, the mind dodges and deceives …


  13. It would be mentally finding fault in others. Other 3, i have good control over – [eat – am on diet, sleep – only when necessary, gossiping – though i feel like, will stop before i actually do it]. But fault finding, this comes so naturally 🙂 that i don’t have a chance to stop it midway. I only pray and surrender to Amma all my negative thoughts.

  14. Sleeping and eating limited to requirement. Amma Sharanam.

  15. sleeping? eventhough i love it, i am bound to give less priority to stick to my daily routine
    eating? i eat well but rarely get chance to eat something leisurely
    gossiping or mentally finding fault in others? of course i do when i am angry with someone. But that’s also controlled well by Amma…out of fear…sometimes will conclude like “even tough he/she is like that…there are so many good things about he/she ” 🙂 ….
    can’t figure out which i do more

  16. none of these…i spend most of my time dreaming!!!!!!

  17. Mentally finding faults in the other person…. (when i get hurt by someone)….that is a tough one to admit but it is like that. I see then the other as my enemie! Well, after a while i dont believe it myself.

  18. Sleeping

  19. These characteristics although done in excess may bring about problems is difficult to regulatem Sometimes the preacher himsellf unknowingly does this.Giving a deep thought and restraint is the only way

  20. Mostly mentally finding faults in others. But i do try to be aware of it sometimes and i believe that it’s decreasing.

  21. i sleep less, eat moderately, gossip less… but yeah.. amongst the four activities mentioned, i think, fault finding dominates.. hopefully it will turn out to become a positive aspect soon by finding the fault within me.. 🙂

  22. Sleeping/Eating

  23. Nothing is better than nonsense so I will sleep.

  24. “Eating”
    What a pleasure!
    Especially chocolates 😉

  25. mentally finding faults in others 🙂

  26. lots of sleeping is what i indulge in the most.. to be as detached and peaceful while i’m awake is what Amma is helping me with gradually.

  27. Sleeping, of course…
    any time i feel like….

  28. Like silent yogi a little bit in everything

  29. Find very hard to sleep less or eat less. Sleeping less makes me angry and impulsive. Eating less needs continous nama japa or lalitasahsranama as in during Maha Shivarathri days.

  30. Sleeping less makes me tired and irritable. I also find trouble keeping a routine getting up at a particular time on a daily basis. I want to make sleep only a 4 hours routine but i have so far failed. Sometimes i even sleep for 8 hours . Amme, please help me to follow your teachings to the word. Your son needs the strength to follow your teachings.Eating moderately with awareness is another thing that i have to develop. Amme guide me.

  31. Sleeping, only when I’m more tired than usual and getting up early morning at a particular time on a daily basis .I spend most of my time doing japa mentally.I only pray and surrender to Amma .

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