Question 177:

Amma says: “A true lover of God is also a lover of Nature, because God and Nature are not two.” How do you explain/understand this?
Please make your answer brief and clear (maximum 5 or 6 lines).

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  1. There is a beautiful Bhajan “Shrishtiyum niyye shrushtavum niyye”. When Amma sings this bhajan i always used to think its deep meaning. The real Adwaida sidhanta is flowing out from our most beloved Amma’s Mukharavindam. There is no difference between the creator and creation. After all the creator only becomes the creations. God only become the Nature as it’s own projection. So if we love God we should surely love the Nature also.

  2. … modern scientists have studied this presence of consciousness in everything. Their findings were clear that God/consciousness was in the living and apparently non living (metal) items studied.

  3. Creator and Creation is the same…
    SrishTTiyum….. neeyae……. SrashTTavum….. neeyae…….

  4. I don’t want to hurt nature. I dont want to waste her precious gifts. I want to be v careful in using them..The very oxygen also comes from these plants,trees..and they take carbon dioxide,which we exhale. So if i hold anger inside..and breath out the same then where will these plants go??It would become impossible to live in such a world..Therefore if I love god..i should be definitely loving nature also.. .Srishtiyum niye,shrishtavum niye..,saktiyum niye satyavum niye…

  5. Yes, I agree Creator and Creation is one. God is noture nature is GOD

  6. I heard this Bhajan that tells of spirit dancing with nature.

    The relationship of Radha and Govinda is the embodiment of love, passion and devotion. Radha’s passion for Govinda symbolizes the soul’s intense longing and willingness for the ultimate unification with God or spirit, both nature and spirit are the same

    Radha, Radha, Radha, Govinda, jai!
    Spirit and Nature, dancing together
    Spirit and Nature, dancing together
    Vict’ry to Spirit and vict’ry to Nature!
    Vict’ry to Spirit and vict’ry to Nature!

  7. Only a person who loves without selfish motives, without thinking of what he can get in return, can love Nature. Mountains, Rivers, Waterfalls, the birds, the flowers cannot love us in return, but if we still love them, we are a true lover of nature and automatically, we have become a true lover of God too, as we need to selflessly love God. Thus, by loving nature, we naturally become True Lovers of God too.

    After all, our Beloved Amma says “The Creator and His creation are not two but One”.

  8. God is the life, the breath of life behind everything that exists in creation. A true lover of God tries constantly to be connected to this breath of life. So he/she can not see nothing that God behind all creation.
    Bhajan “Mother Nature”: .. nature is our home, God in another form ..

  9. Nature is like experiencing God without having to use any words or concepts.

    We can feel God and the wind and the ground and the tree and the swell of the ocean and the bird crowing; all we can feel as part of this same incredible thing that words and concepts can’t describe, but being within nature, like being around Amma, describes this amazing thing perfectly to us by virtue of us just being a part of it.

    Something too incredible for our little minds to cope with and to attribute sufficient words and concepts to properly understand! Lucky we have Amma 🙂

  10. The various Vedanta Sutras we have are:
    Jeevah Siveethi Tattwam. (Jiva is Siva)
    Maanava Seva Maadhava Seva. (Service to Man is Service to God)
    Brahma Sathyam. Jagath Mithya. (Brahman is the only truth, the world is unreal)
    Jeevo Brahmaiva Na Aparah. (There is ultimately no difference between Brahman and individual self)

    The Divine Self is so intricately connected but can be easily experienced in Pure Silence and Love.

  11. A true lover of God is a lover of all living things, all of life, all creation. If you truly love God, you know with your whole being that all of life is God. You can’t love partially, or with reservations holding back your love for some of life and not all of life and creation. If you truly are a lover of God, you love with your whole heart, thus you love all of creation with your whole heart. All of life is the Sacred Heart of God, we loving God, is God loving God.

  12. Amma means that there is one homogenous mass of untainted undivided energy that neither moves nor stands still. It is nothing personal or individual. It is not really 1 or 0 (and definitely not 2), but we can only relate it in terms of language and the symbolism for which the words are used – which inherently divide. There is, then, in Absolute reality (which you could say is the only real reality!?), no context, no reference point for the process of what one could call the rational, logical and analytical mind to bring about a distinction between things – there are not things, just the one thing! There is no lover and loved or god and nature. These are terms and expression utilized to help us move toward a mindset that can help us go beyond the mind – which could be defined as that which conjures up a false vision of division – away from the quagmire of relativity and to become established in the vision of oneness…

  13. God is ONE with ALL things! Namaste

  14. Without God, there would be no nature. God is the creator of nature.

  15. That which is not born out of a human’s ego is Nature. Nature is god’s gift to all beings, whether seen or unseen, and is therefore God’s representation of the collective desires of gods (devas), human beings, demi gods, and all other beings sentient or non-sentient. That Nature should not be destroyed by human Will. Om Amriteshwariye Namah.

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