Question 219:

Amma says: “The real source of Grace is within you.”  How do you understand this?

Please make your answer brief and clear (maximum 5 or 6 lines).

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  1. AMMA and GRACE are ONE, which is within us. JAI MAA!,thank you, Beloved

  2. Grace comes from God. Grace comes from the Guru.
    But God’s Grace is an answer to the purity, the readiness to receive and the call from inside our hearts…
    Therefore, Amma says: The Real Source of Grace is within us…

  3. If one has control over one’s thoughts that form the mind, wisdom dawns within, that’s why it is said everything is within, purify the mind. Pure Mind is God, Grace or Guru whatever the terminology we may use to convey.

  4. in everyone is the pure golden light being – the soul
    i think lots of good deeds without expecting reward or thanks, constant heartfelt mantra repetition, daily meditation, guruseva (following guru teachings) and temple or ashram chanting help uncover the soul bit by bit with persistance.
    the soul i think is the source of grace

  5. Amma is the Lord manifest in the flesh on this small blue planet in the left arm of the Milky Way, but she is also a PRAGMATIST.
    While grace alights in the vast space between our awakened atoms, we are also sitting on a Brain that is more powerful and valuable than anything we will ever own. True, a slippery ego-bound quagmire, but also a programable perception tool that will search for your wish and draw from the formless your soul’s destiny. Once aligned with Amma, employ this science and you may become a turbo powered creature-creation-sevite.

  6. As AMMA puts it, self-effort and grace are inter-dependent. In order to win a lottery, one has to buy a lottery ticket in the first place. That is self-effort. Grace follows thereafter, depending on the sincerity of the effort. Hence, whether in spiritual life or worldly life, the source of grace, that is, effort lies within oneself. Can one blame God for not winning a lottery when one has not even bought a ticket?

  7. Attention on ‘LOVE’, ‘AMMA’, ‘GOD’, LIFE, or present moment unity, creates or frees up the entanglement of the body/mind that is out of balance. from a lifetime of living in the illusion of separate consciousness or as an individual. To see through ‘AMMA’, ‘Grace’ is our ‘TRUE’ nature, when again the human body is in ‘True balance’. Only through these ‘Ones,’ can our ‘True Human Divinity’ be recognized. For the known world before is created out of illusion to feed the illusion.
    ‘AMMA’ you break the spell, may we all grow now and learn to walk with You.

  8. First part is knowledge from Amma. second part: Understanding this comes with Amma’s Grace only.

  9. The Self pervades all of creation and human beings too.. So,when we start our inner journey, at some point, we begin to tap into this infinite source of beauty and completeness: the Self of one and all.The very fountain head of success and Grace that lies dormant inside our heart waiting to be awaken.

  10. The main obstacle to experience Love is our own mind(ego). When this obstacle gives way to experience Love within(and without), we can say that Grace flowed..

  11. from the vedas we can understand that Guru or Lord or Paramatma, or Brahma is not outside, it is within us. so the source of Grace also within us if we think that the Grace is coming from Guru, or Lord. But for this we have to merge with the Guru or totally identify with our Guru.


  13. God generates everything from Himself to perform creation. So, everything is God. I read in Upanishad that Brahman sleeps in the rocks, breaths in the plants, thinks in the animals and discerns in the humans. So God is wintin us and if we are able to see Him inside us, we get His Grace.
    (sorry for my imperfect English)

  14. Since Last few weeks, i developed a habit of talking to AMMA before doing anything. Why only “since last few weeks”? Where did this habit come suddenly?

  15. The Lord’s Grace is always showering upon us but unfortunately we are so involved in our worldly activities that we forget to keep our bucket right side up and fail to receive grace. May we direct all our activities to the Lord by doing selfless work and receive the everflowing grace.

  16. Amma seems to be emphasizing that our asking for God’s/Amma’s grace doesn’t make sense as it sounds like we believe God is one power and we are a lesser little power that can make the big power happen through begging. Therefore, we have to petition a Great Power “out there somewhere” for what we need or want, otherwise it might not know and our wishes might not be fulfilled. That’s called “duality,” indicating that we believe we are a small power that has to tell a bigger power that we want help. While we may not be convinced yet of the Oneness of all being, at least we can see the mistake in this kind of reasoning and revert to our mantram.

  17. ‘thathvamasi’ means god is very much within you.

  18. How to connect to that infinite source ?

  19. Intellectual understanding of the source ‘grace’ is not possible for the normal human mind. Grace is something that arises naturally when assistance acknowledges ones total surrender to life .
    …Grace is being in touch with a sense ‘knowing’ that goes beyond mere words or any scriptures. This knowing is inside and outside its everywhere and nowhere.

  20. Yes Grace is what you are.This body mind and intellect is a manifestation of grace inside you.The whole functioning of each cell, sense organs every thought every action is a grace,
    every breathe is a grace.There is nothing in this world other than garce.The grace inside you graces you to invite this world inside and decipers it to you on a platter.The source insdie you blesses
    you with celestail vision for the right perception.

  21. AMMA says ” God is within us! Divinity is within all of us!” Problem is most of us do not realize this. Based on this-Grace is from GOD/ALMIGHTY- who is within us! Then the source of all grace is within us.

    To realize this we have to be self – realized souls. To awaken this within us- we are fortunate to have AMMA, our GURU. She keeps us alert and tries to make us realize our follies and if we are receptive, we will surely achieve the self realization, understand the GREAT TRUTH and GRACE within us.

    May we all under guidance from AMMA reach this goal!

  22. Source of Grace is God,,, and God is always within (all of) us, we just need to awaken to this beautiful Truth <3

  23. The grace in us is the light and love of God. He forgives our sins and failures and always showers us with his love. He also gave us our Amma. May this grace be given to all of us for a long time. Many thanks to God’s grace and the love of Amma which is always within us like krishna.

  24. So called outer world we have created in our mind is only maya. Not real. We try to find happiness there. All are after peace of mind only. If each one of us have our own grace, we can create or build a peaceful world around us. This can be achieved only if we get out of bad qualities like jealous, greedy, moneyminded etc. etc. Only if one has the will to change for better, one can achieve something in life. Guru always shows the path to follow to reach the goal. But, disciple has to follow the path even if it’s too difficult with determination and belief. With one’s own Grace or effort, these good qualities develops…

  25. Our essence, our authentic-self, our soul always remains connected to Source. This connection to the Divine defines the feeling of Grace to me, always present, never diminished. Amma teaches me that Grace is always present, and that this is the place from which to create a compassionate, always nourished life.

  26. Amma says “The real source of Grace is within you”. It is the eternal Truth.

    The Eternal Lord, Odd-Eyed Lord, The Oldest and Youngest Lord, The Primeval Lord, The Fiercest and Most Loving Lord.. our Father and our Dear Divine Mother.. Amma , are seated in the Lotus of our spiritual heart,They are seated in the innermost space of the soul inside our bodies.. We are the soul.. They are in its heart.. They give it Life…
    If we shut down our Karma as ruled by the senses and direct everything to our Mother and Father inside us.. then we can hear them telling us what to do…. THEY are the Grace… being guided by them is the GRACE…..Then we live by Truth…
    This is what i understand…

  27. Following the advice of the Guru step by step arrive the awareness.

  28. The Lord has been ever compassionate to us and has given us the True Knowledge and the power of discrimination to distinguish between the right and wrong action. So when we use our discrimination and do right actions, we become worthy of the Lord’s Grace. That’s why it is said that the source of the Lord’s Grace is within us.

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