13 Mar 2014 Poems


Serenity comes only with surrender,
trusting all is ultimately one.
Duality is merely a pretender,
playing on life’s stage with light; (it’s fun)!
Illusion is composed of form and gender,
planets, moon and stars, and blazing sun.
But death compacts us all with cosmic blender-
when atoms merge, apparent form’s undone.

Though sure of this, I sometimes still forget,
but then you’re there to pull the veils aside,
revealing views that teach me not to let
my focus on pure consciousness slip-slide
away and hide the truth that’s firmly set,
yet can be falsified by stubborn tide
when Mind is caught in habit’s sticky net,
aligned with sadness, anger, greed or pride.

If I did not have you, Beloved Mother and Master,
my life might have resulted in disaster!

– by Rama Devi Nina (USA)

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  1. Rama Devi ji

    Not just
    “my life might have resulted in disaster!”

    “my lives might have been doomed in disaster!”

    Here ‘lives’ imply million or billion lives.

    If we by chance miss the opportunity to realize the Divine owing to sensual indulgences, it will take 360 million years to be born again as a human being.

  2. As the tide cannot exist without the Almighty ocean
    For You are ever present as the Eternal One – O Divine Mother!
    Taking shapes from time to time as multitude of tides
    Knowing which this tide rises in Love and falls in Gratitude unto You!

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