This experience reveals that Amma is always with us and watching our steps.
From my childhood, I was being a typical human being liking the media entertainment.  It always used to be just a 3 hour entertainment and the effect of it will fade off after completing the movie.  For some reason, recently the movies I watched didn’t let me be myself at all.  I was getting glued on to the incidents happened in the movie and forgetting the fact that it is just a movie.  This went for almost 2 weeks.  I could feel my energy drain and lack of focus on other duties.  These 2 weeks, the thought of Amma subsided, still a vague figure of Amma kept reminding me of her presence and making me push the day successfully.  Suddenly one day I realized that I am being in the path which is not real.  I wanted to come out of that maya, but couldn’t as 2 weeks of continous media influence had created somewhat a thicker layer in me to cut through myself.  I was gazing at Amma’s picture in my room and suddenly felt like Amma saying to me “What are you gazing at me?  Finding it hard to come out of the mood you are currently in” Then I remembered that Amma’s website post thought of the moment by Amma in the corner of the webpage.  I went to that website and read the thought of the moment to see what message Amma is sending me to practice to come out of this media mood.  The messages felt very apt for that moment but still I couldn’t totally come out of it as the message was so general.  2 days went by like this, still watching some movies but with a strong sense of wanting to get out of that habit.  But couldn’t figure out the right needle to take the thorn out. Third day, I got a bit frustrated with my state and again went to the website and clicked for thought of the moment.  And the message was so direct this time.  Thought of the Moment — When watching a movie practice to keep the awareness that it is only a movie. Later, practice the same towards your own life. — Amma.
This message came up on me like a big jolt.  How Amma knew that I was watching the movie and being troubled by those?  This reinforced my faith on Amma that she is watching our move, thought, actions and state of mind every minute and guiding us accordingly to handle the struggle we go through in our life.  Even though we may know many things in life, we could get to a stage of not able to apply them appropriately.  Amma helps us through her words to bring us back to the saner state of mind.

Lalitha Krishnan

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  1. This world itself is a movie and we are all actors.
    Just play your part well and make the movie entertainable.

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