October 31, 2010 clean, photos

Cleaning in Kollam

To mark 54th Kerala formation day on Monday

31 Oct, 2010, Kollam, Kerala.
Over 200 devotees gathered in front of Anandavalleeswaram temple at 7am. They were divided into two groups under two group leaders – Biju Astamudi and Chandra Bose, started cleaning either side of the road and by 1.30 pm cleaning reached Puthiyakavu temple. Br.Narayanan supervised the cleaning activities. Cleaning tools, refreshments and cool drinks were sponsored by devotees. 4 ladies from Kollam Corporation who came with pick up trucks to clear the waste. The Police provided escorts and controlled traffic throughout the course. The volunteers were provided lunch by Puthiyakavu temple authorities. The stretch of the highway from Andanawalleshwaram to the railway station was cleaned up.