November 23, 2010 video

Let us make India Beautiful

31st Oct 2010
Students of Amrita University take up the call of Amma to “Amala Bharatam” – Clean India Beautiful India”. Felt inspired and spreading the awareness to clean the whole country.
Come join us. Let us keep the country clean.

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  1. As a part of this lovely campaign some of the students and faculty from Amrita School of Business, Amritapuri Campus had participated. It was really a learning an eye opener to most of us and the people around. The truck loads of waste being collected and recycled/discarded was a sight to watch.

    What Amma is doing is indeed cleaning India not only externally but also internally. The below is a testimonial of that.

    Some of our students spoke to the people who were watching us clean their surrounding and one person said “I would bring up my child in the same manner as you all”.

    That is the true Power of Love and the source of that True Power of Love that transforms people is none other that our beloved Amma.

    Request all to join the ABC campaign and help make India -A ‘Clean India,A Beautiful India’.

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