On January 23rd, 2011, nearly 1000 students, staff, doctors, ashramites and volunteers cleaned up the premises of the KSRTC Bus Station at Ernakulam. The Fourth Sunday of January was thus observed as cleaning Sunday.

The team enthusiastically worked to remove the heaps of garbage accumulated in and around the premises of the Bus Station. In addition, they cleaned the roadsides, public urinals, toilets and separated plastic wastes.

Kochi Mayor, Shri. Tony Chammini and many other officials participated in the clean-up drive alongside students, staff, doctors, ashramites and volunteers.


The truckloads of waste collected were segregated into non-degradable plastic waste and bio-degradable waste.

The local authorities and the district administration extended full support and helped us with the waste disposal. After the clean up drive, the areas that had previously been covered with garbage for many years sported a clean look.