April 11, 2011 clean

ABC during Kochi program

11 Apr 2011, Kochi

Wherever one looks, students and staff can be seen doing seva – serving food, washing plates, distributing drinking water in the hot sun, helping to control the flow of pedestrian traffic, and in activities related to the Amala Bharatam Clean India Campaign–making sure that all waste is appropriately collected, sorted and recycled.

Additionally Amma took care to personally explain the significance of the Amala Bharatam Campaign, reminding everyone to take care of natural resources. She also explained the necessity of using handkerchiefs rather than spitting on the ground. Finally Amma urged all her listeners to revive the practice of growing vegetables at home. Amma said everyone should try to cultivate at least one or two vegetables in their own garden – whether onions, tomatoes, brinjal or lady’s finger.

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