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ABC in Jaipur

14 March 2011, Jaipur

Amma’s loving words on ABC, made such a profound impact on the audience, that the spellbound mayor of the walled city, Jyoti Khandelwal echoed the sentiment of the entire audience movingly:

“During tonight’s program, Amma has requested us not to litter, spit or urinate in public. Amma’s request we take as a command and I will try my best to make Jaipur a clean city; and Amma will be proud to say on her next visit that these are the children that took my request to heart and executed what I asked them to do. I also take this opportunity to as an individual and as a part of the administration to say that we will contribute in whatever way possible. And I pray before Amma that Amma will help us make Jaipur into a world class city that not only is glorious in culture, infrastructure, technology, but also knows the way to rehabilitate the poor and maintain cleanliness and hygiene of highest standard. I strongly believe that only when we obey Amma’s commands can we become befitting for her grace.”

“She guides us on the spiritual path and the same time teaches us how to preserve water, rainwater harvesting, ways to protect nature etc.”

During the program Amma gave away the gift of handkerchiefs to all the small children who had come for the darshan.

The ABC team did a yeomen job in their specially put up ABC stall.

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clean, photos